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Music speaks where words fail


Works Cited List for Derek Limback

Wind Band
“Great Gate of Kiev”  Arrangment for large band: Grand unveiling of the MSU Carillon Bell Tower
“Symphony No. 1”:  Masters Thesis project 2003
“Moonlit Chandeliers”:  Commissioned by Dr. Miller and the Missouri S&T Wind Ensemble 2005
“Mainstreet Fanfare” for Brass and Percussion:  Commissioned in 2008 by Dr. Cesario and the Missouri S&T Brass and Percussion
“Scherzo” for Wind Band:  2005
“Qin”:  Commissioned by Chris Rohrbaugh and the Central High School Wind Ensemble 2009
“Ending Ceremonies Fanfare” for wind band:  2011
“Red River Valley” Arrangement for St. James HS: 2012

Valley of the Dolls:  Animation Project 2002

Marching Band:
“Tiger of San Pedro”:  2005
“A Mis Abuelos”: Transcription/arrangement 2004
“Malaga”:  Transcription/arrangement 2004
“Dia De Los Muertos”:  Original work 2004
“Tribal Scenes”: Original work 2005
“Big Band Memories”: Arrangements of jazz standards 2008
“Dreams and Nightmares of Marionettes”:  Original 2006
“Of Sailors and Whales”:  Transcription/arrangement 2007
“A Mis Abuelos Parade”: Arrangement 2008
“Blue Skies”:  Commissioned by Doug Rice and the Union HS Marching Band: 2008
“Somewhere over the Rainbow”:  Commissioned by Doug Rice and the Union HS Marching Band: 2008
“Rainbow Connection”:  Commissioned by Doug Rice and the Union HS Marching Band: 2008
“Red River Valley”:  Commissioned by John Slowensky and the Rolla HS Band:  2006
“Wild Wild West”:  Commissioned by John Slowensky and the Rolla HS Band:  2006
“Con Mas Suerte”:  Parade original 2007
“Seein’ Green”:  Written for the Rolla St. Pats Parade:  2005
“Christmas Parade Medly”:  2004
“Miscelaneous Nuts” (Christmas Medley):  2004
“The Saga Begins”:  Music from Star Wars Prequels 2009
“Batman”: 2010
“Ritu”: Based on Elliot Del Borgo’s “Chant Rituals” 2011
“Look to the Skies”:  Music inspired by SKYRIM

Jazz Band
“Mel’s Blues”:  1994
“South Florence Samba”:  1995
“Killin’ Time”:  Willard Library 1998
“Night and Day”:  Arrangement Willard Library 1999
“Not Quite Summertime”:  Willard Library 2000
“Be Bop Wonderland”:  2001
“El Perro Loco”:  Willard Library 2001
“Killin’ Time revised”:  Willard Library 2002
“When the Rain Falls”:  2002
“Somewhere in Time”:  2003
“Cybal’s Nocturn”:  2003
“Joy Spring”:  Arrangment 2004
“Ouwch”:  Willard Library 2004
“Song for my Fasja”:  Arrangement Willard Library 2005
“Groove De La Loca”:  Willard Library 2006
“Frijoles Refritos”:  Willard Library 2007
“Moanin'”:  Arrangment 2007
“One and Three”:  Willard Library 2008
“La Zariqueya Valiente”:  Willard Library 2009
“El Cascabel:  Willard Library 2010
“Parrilladas de Los Cabos”:  Willard Library 2011
“The Best is Yet to Come”:  Willard Library 2012

Jazz Combo:
“Cybal’s Nocturn”:  1995
“South Florence Samba”:  1996
“Tomorrow’s Another Day”:  2005
“Some Things Will Never Change”:  2007
“A Moment’s Peace”:  2007
“Scotch Tape”:  2005
“Joe Minor’s Blues”:  2007
“Hit N’ Miss”:  2005
“Blues for Patrick”:  2010
“Deep”:  2012
“King Julian”:  2013

Small Ensemble
One Hand One Heart for brass quintet:  Commissioned in 2002 by Jeremy McMahon for his wedding
Caffeine Fix for Trumpet Trio:  2002
The Baffoon for Trumpet Trio:  2002
Quartet No. 1 for mixed instrumentation:  2003
The Grinch:  For the MSU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble:  2008

Instrumental Solo
“Solace” for Trumpet and Piano:  2002
“Scherzo” for Alto Sax and Piano:  2006
“Just a Closer Walk” for Alto sax and Piano:  2008
“Three Pieces for Neon” for Harp and Oboe: 2010
“Lullaby” for Flute and Piano:  2012
“Humoresque” for Tuba and Piano 2012

Four:  Winter Drumline 2005

Vocal Solo

“America”:  Commissioned by Nathan Schaefferkoetter and the St. James Choirs: 2006
“One Fish Two Fish”:  SATB: 2005
“Snow”: SSAATTBB choir:  2011
“Come Little Children”  SSAATB choir:  2012



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