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The following links are MIDI samples of works completed and works in progress.  All customers will receive these sound files as a tool to understand and get familiar with their new work.  I also use this page to post examples for my students and friends to use for study purposes.

Four River’s Fanfare:  Commissioned for the 50th Anniversary of the Four Rivers All Conference Band in January of 2018.

Ripple Effect:  Three Pieces for Neon
Solo for Oboe and Harp:  Advanced

Parrilladas de los Cabos
Willard II 2011 Commission project:
Grade 3 Jazz Band

Snow:  For SSAATTB Choir

Cold breeze a blowing
Frigid thoughts of darkness glowing
How I long for ignorant bliss
Much distain for winter’s painful kiss
Feel the air prepare to cleanse
Birthing freshness in the wind

Snow—-Snow is falling on the ground

Buried in a quilt so pure
Lies the horrors
Waits the monsters
Fresh and clean the landscape beams
Underneath are wretched vivid dreams

Snow—-Snow is falling on the ground

All the heat of memory fades
melts away to earth it drains
stained in water once so clean
flows to earth to be unseen

Snow—-Snow is falling on the ground


Not Quite Summertime
Med-Advanced Jazz Band with Trombone Solo
New Piece for Jazz Band 2011

Scotch Tape: Jazz Combo
Advanced Jazz Combo

Somewhere In Time:  Advanced Jazz Band
Advanced Jazz Band

Deep MIDI Nearing Completion
Jazz Vocal Solo

Mas Que Nada
Commission for Parkview HS Viking Band “Rio” show

Solo for flute and piano dedicated to Samantha Hussey for her senior recital at MSU

A Mis Abuelos
Parade Song Play Along Recording:  Medium

Solo for Tuba and Piano written for my former student Roger Payne

PVHS Alma Mater
Parkview High School Alma Mater

Red River Valley Concert Band Sketch
Transcription from marching band to concert band.

The Best is Yet to Come:  Willard Jazz II
Grade 3 Jazz Ensemble

Come Little Children
Med-advanced SSAATB Choral ensemble

Commission for Central HS Wind Ensemble:  Advanced

St. Louis Blues Vienna Sketch
Parade arrangement of St. Louis Blues for Vienna HS:  Grade 2

Survivor Vocal Sketch

La Boca Grande

Hace Frio!

For you

Schtick It!

Commission Blues

Bohemian Rhapsody Percussion Ensemble

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